Take Two, Electronic Arts, Activision Stocks Shoot Up Thanks to PS4, Xbox One

It looks like this year is already bringing good tidings for the gaming industry. The three biggest names in game development i.e. Take Two Interactive, Activision and Electronic Arts have gained impressively on their stocks in the recent days.

According to reports that we have picked up on the internet, one of the primary reason for this has been the massively successful first year of PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

Despite being archrivals on all the fronts, this is one thing they come together for i.e. the uplifting of the industry as a whole.

Naturally, the upwards shift in the stocks of these big names is an indicator that the whole industry is on a positive flow of things.

Let’s talk figures now. Electronic Arts has, for the first time in the past six years, hit the $50 price on its shares. They did so by letting go John Riccitiello and by making sure they had a list of games to offer on the new consoles when buyers wanted to try out their consoles.

Madden and FIFA 14 were among the top ranking games of the year!

Grand Theft Auto famed Take Two Interactive got one better and achieved an all time high trading price of their shares i.e. $29.92. This was all thanks to the mammoth demand of GTAV and its release on PS4 and Xbox One combined with NBA 2K15.

Even Activison who didn’t have the ideal year in 2014 is gaining momentum – thanks, in some parts, to their own games and to riding the wave. They have upped their game from $18 to $20.75 and thanks to the well earned goodwill in the past years the wobbly year is now near and end.

Oh it seems like all is well in heavens!