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Steam Client Has Received A New Patch, Fixes Major Issues

Steam Client has been used by almost everyone gaming on PC because of its great features, discounts and continuous improvements. Today, Valve has released yet another update for Steam to fix some of the issues that were bothering the users.

Sometimes in OpenGL, users were unable to take screenshots or even capture video; this issue has now been fixed.

Some users were also reporting crashes whenever they tried to shut down the client; this issue has been taken care of as well.

Mac OS X users were not able to watch streams in full screen mode, as the client crashed in the middle of it. Thankfully, the users will not encounter this problem anymore.

You can read up on all the patch notes for this update posted below:


  • Fixed taking screenshots and video capture in some OpenGL games
  • Fixed workshop items not always downloading immediately when subscribed to
  • Fixed a potential crash when shutting down the Steam client

Mac OS X:

  • Fixed a crash when watching broadcast streams in full screen mode

Big Picture:

  • Fixed network errors during checkout/purchasing

The update will also include all changes that were brought to Steam via January 19 update, including the highly requested FPS Counter. You can check out full patch notes of the previous update right here.