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Star Citizen: Arena Commander Patch 1.0.1 Has Gone Live

Attention all Star Citizen backers! Cloud Imperium has released patch 1.0.1 for Star Citizen: Arena Commander. The update is mostly concerned will the good old changes and improvements.

If you look at the full patch notes, you’ll see that there are a number of fixes and changes being made to weapons, user interface and ships.

Chaff duration and size has been increased along with an increase in the “amount of countermeasures per pod.” Players can now see the flare effect from further away, but its potency will keep reducing with time.

The ability of missiles to maintain their target is reduced. However, their damage has been increased “due to improvements made to shields.

Host player is no longer allowed to cancel search if a match is found. Developers have also renamed “Controls” to “Control Options.”

Apart from fixes and improvements, some additions have also been made with the introduction of patch 1.0.1. You can see all of them listed below:


  • Added fuel system to missiles
  • Added IR signal to missiles so they can appear on radar

User Interface

  • Added UI and HUD overlays to display location of missiles that have been fired
  • Added radar icons to differentiate between friendly and enemy missiles
  • Buggy has been added to the holotable UI
  • Added drag and drop sorting to power management menu (F3) on some ships
  • Added community request to allow ship roll to be bound to mouse input
  • Added community request for invert option for analogue zoom


  • Added new skins for the Greycat Buggy

Star Citizen’s full commercial release is planned for 2016 and by then, the game is expected to reach $100 million of funding. Cloud Imperium has also announced the release schedule for their upcoming content.

You can know all about that here.