Minecraft 1.9 Update To Bring Overhauled Ender Dragons

One of the biggest gaming phenomenon, Minecraft, has been played by almost everyone due to its availability on all gaming platforms.

Although, the PC users are having the most fun with the amazing mods available, it is the console players that are enjoying the Ender Dragons more.

However, the developers are looking to remove this edge as well. Mojang’s Nathan Adams has revealed that the Minecraft update 1.9 will bring Ender Dragons closer to the console version.

Even if the players have already killed the Ender Dragon, they will still be able to go against it one more time. This was also confirmed by Adams in a tweet.

He continued to tease that there’s a surprise in store for the players as well, but he does not want to spoil it beforehand.

There is no fixed release date provided for Minecraft 1.9 update just yet but after this reveal, I am hoping that it comes out sooner rather than later.