Guild Wars 2 Disconnection Issues Are Being Fixed by ArenaNet

Alright so have you been experiencing connectivity issues while trying to play Guild Wars 2? Fret not, developer ArenaNet is well aware of what is going on and they are even working on a fix as we speak.

The official Twitter profile of Guild Wars 2 received a tweet moments ago where they acknowledged that players were being disconnected. Here’s the full tweet that they made:

We are aware of some connectivity issues for players, and are working on a solution. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

That was really nice of the developers to come up to assure the fans that their complaints have been heard. Talking of complaints, many of the people who have been trying to play the massively multiplayer online role playing game recently said that they were being thrown off the servers.

These issues started sometime around the evening of January 23 i.e. yesterday.

While it is great that ArenaNet is aleady hard at work, they have suddenly posted another tweet that makes things a little complicating. The post they made says:

We are doing some maintenance work. This might affect your connectivity.

So now, we are confused what are they trying to say. When they said that they were aware of the issues and were trying to fix it, did they mean that they were causing the issues due to maintenance? In that case, what did mean that they were working on a solution for this?

Anyhow, no matter what the issue is, these two tweets are solid enough to ensure that this is only temporary and your game will be as good as new in no time.

Do let us know which regions you are and if you are having these issues while playing Guild Wars 2. Let’s see if it is confined to specific territories or not.