Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gets New Details in Reddit AMA

After over two and half years of development, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will finally be releasing in two months’ time.

Now that the developers are wrapping up most of the developmental aspects, Hajime Tabata decided it was time for a good long Reddit AMA session.

One of the first things that he discussed with the fans was the reason why he chose to make a Mature rated game – the first in the series ever.

It looks like the development and content of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is somehow influenced by Crisis Core:

I wanted to create a Final Fantasy where you could truly feel a vibrant game world and characters, while also exploring the deep emotions of the characters. My work on Crisis Core got me interested in exploring and creating a game with those themes.

Another question made me think if Episode Duscae was going to be playable as soon as Type-0 HD releases. However, Tabata rushed to answer it saying that he could not give u a date just yet. That doesn’t mean they are not trying to make it happen but naturally, some optimizations require more time.

Next up, he confirmed that unlike the PSP version, you are not going to require a Square Enix membership login in order to get some items – everything wil be made available in-game.

While discussing PlayStation Vita he said that the game wasn’t developed for it because “there is a great difference in the technical specs and it would not be easy to export the data to the Vita.”

Also, you are never going to see a multiplayer if the current plans of Square Enix are going to be followed:

Trying to include [multiplayer] in the HD version would require creating a system to match players over a server and we felt that it would be difficult to include that in the HD version. I’m sorry.”

Oh and last but not the least, the Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae is going to feature both a jump feature and the Phantom Sword.

Do you want a sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Tabata says he will make it if you buy enough copies of this games!