Eutechnyx Discusses Letting Go Of NASCAR for DMi Games

Eutechnyx have been in the game development business for as long as I can remember; and throughout this time they have been known for their racing games. In fact, ever since they started developing under their latest company name, all they did was make videogames.

This, in my opinion, was a wise choice sseeing how two of their latest ventures outside of that genre resulted in a total lost cause. You might have played Warhammer 40,000 Storm of Vengeance (or read its highly negative reviews) and you would at least remember Ride to Hell Retribution, the game that is known for being among the worst videgames ever made!

So that tells you what happens when they try something other than racing.

However, sadly they have also let go of one racing game series that we likes them for i.e. NASCAR.

In a recent interview, the chief executive officer of the development studio, Darren Jobling discussed how they came to giving up the game series in favor of DMi Games. Interestingly, it was not the result of an expired contract:

The NASCAR license was current, mid-cycle if you like. We have always worked as a team with NASCAR and the decision to sell was done with their blessing, but it was our decision to approach them with the DMi option.

Before DMi Games came in with their pitch, Eutechnyx was actually planning the whole contract cycle and even beyond that but it seems like they will only be opening up their doors to help the former build a new NASCAR game.

He left with an advice that involvement with the NASCAR fan base should be the way to go, as well as a reminiscent note regarding the telemetry feature:

The legacy I am most proud of during the Eutechnyx reign was the real-time telemetry feature, where video gamers can race head-to-head with the real drivers featured every week on Fox Sports – a racing-game industry first.

What do you think Eutechnyx is going to plan next?