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Don’t Over-Promise Microsoft HoloLens, Warns Molyneux

Well, there surely are people out there who would say that Peter Molyneux is not new to the act of over-promising; but the guy in nonetheless warning the Redmond based giant not to do the same with their latest – and game changing – endeavor, Microsoft HoloLens.

Targeting the awesome concept video released by Microsoft recently, he said that while all this looked and felt magical it is going to be a lot more complicated to deliver on what they are boasting off.

He went on to say that although showing off the ability to watch a TV screen on any wall around you seems great, the company ” took it so far into the future” with all the Minecraft stuff sprawling everywhere and so on.

It did remind me of [Kinect]. You kind of want to scream ‘don’t over promise these things.’ The thing about the concept videos is they feel so seamless and it just looks like everything’s working and actually, as we found with Kinect, it works all fine if you’ve got the perfect environment and the perfect distance away and you’re the right shape human being. But it’s very challenging if any of those things don’t come together perfectly.

Molyneux did express that he was really impressed and amazed by the “magical” experience that Microsoft HoloLens is offering.

Also, he bases his opinions on knowledge that he has had about the product from the very early days of the technology combined with, of course, his personal experience of Kinect and the industry.

I do understand that some of the thing he is saying, or rather warnings he is issuing, are justified. We have all had our share of high hopes as a result of a gameplay video that the final product is of no match for. Remember Watch Dogs?

Yet, that was a game and this is a totally different scenario.

Do you think that Microsoft HoloLens will be able to “make it feel like it is in the real world and not projected into your eye,” as Molyneux puts it? Or do you agree with the Dungeon Keeper ad Fable series creator?