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Is There Truth in Fable Legends Release Date of December 31?

Amazon – among other online retailers – is equally mentioned for listing an unannounced product or revealing a supposed release date as it is mentioned for selling things.

There have been tons of games that the public got a whiff of due to them; however, their listings are not true all the time. Sometimes all they do is put up place holders and sometime they simply put up something in error.

We don’t know if this is one of those situations, but Fable Legends is listed on Amazon and it has a release date of December 31, 2015 – if they are to be believed.

If you check out the listing by clicking here, the page also has a box of Fable Legends perched next to the details. It is clear that they have put it up just to fill up the space – the official boxart has not been revealed yet.

Personally, I don’t think that this release date is legit. The primary reason for that is because the usual release day in the North American regions is Tuesday while the United Kingdom usually gets the games on Friday.

A quick look at the calendar tells you that December 31, 2015 is Thursday and publishers usually follow the market norms.

Not to forget that December 31 is the last day of the year i.e. a date that is always selected by retailers randomly when putting up a game listing before it gets an official release date.

With that being said, Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Studios have been really cautious about letting things slip now a days. So I am fairly confident that they would want to announce the release date themselves, and when they think the game is ready.

What is your take on this,could Fable Legends be releasing on December 31, 2015?