Total War Attila Video Has Catalaunian Battle, Historical Battles Revealed

Creative Assembly has been using their in-house program Rally Point to discuss Total War Attila for a while now. However, I think their latest video is much more watch worthy than the previous ones.

I say that because one of the most interesting parts of the game’s content was revealed through the video i.e. historical battles!

In total, nine historical battles are going to be featured in the game. The regions of these battles, as they were shared by the developers, are spread all over Europe. You will be revisiting history in Soissons, Frigidus River, Utus, Ravenna, Adrianople, Cartagena, Ad Decimum, Samarra and of course the Catalaunian Plains.

That last one, i.e. the Catalaunian Battle was shown in the video where Attila and Huns take on Western Roman Empire and Visigoth.

While you can watch the complete 22 minutes video to suck out every bit of detail in there, the gameplay starts at around the 6 minute 30 second mark. I am sure you are going to love some of the new units and how the monuted cavalrymen help in skirmishes.

Check it out and tell us how do you feel about the historical battles featured in Total War Attila.

The game is being developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows and it will be released on February 17, 2015 all over the world.