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Scrapped Uncharted Title for PS Vita Comes to Light

It has come to light that at one time there was a new Uncharted game being made for the PlayStation Vita. Naughty Dog however, was afraid of pushing out too many titles in the franchise in a small time-frame and so canned the project altogether.

The name of the title is unknown but its existence was confirmed by former Sony Bend artist Athey Moravetz, who recently went on Reddit to spill the beans on projects and concepts he has worked in the past for Sony.

“It was going to be another Uncharted game but naughty dog was worried about franchise burnout with so many games coming out so close together, so they nixed it,” he wrote. “We spent like a whole year dicking around with different ideas and pitches after that before I left the studio. We started and threw away so many demos during that year.”

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was released in 2012 for the PlayStation Vita. Hence, it can be assumed that initial work on a second game started later in the same year and was probably scrapped in 2013.

Moravetz also mentioned that we shouldn’t expect Sony to release a new Syphon Filter, despite whatever rumors have been plaguing the web. He refused from talking about anything relating to new projects currently in development at Sony Bend, but did say that he has worked on a pitch for an Infamous game.

via NeoGAF