Playstation 4 Slim Already In Development? Leaked Images Surface Online

According to several leaked images that surfaced online, Sony might be developing Playstation 4 Slim internally codenamed ‘Monolith’, as reported by Multiplayer Italia.

The images are captured of a MacBook Pro and appear to be press images. The original source also admits that nothing can be said about the authenticity of these images. With E3 and Gamescom just around the corner, we are sure to hear more details in future.

From a technical perspective, the design is too small for ventilation and might not work in practice. Other than this, the PlayStation logo is relocated which is why some users over NeoGaf are calling it a fake.

It’s interesting to note that Sony launched Playstation 2 Slim four years after its initial launch date. Playstation 3 Slim came three year after its initial release date and Playstation 3 Super Slim came out six years after the original release date. Keeping these facts in view, it’s highly unlikely that Playstation 4 Slim will launch anytime soon; especially when it’s selling like hot cakes.

Last year, Sony announced that it’s preparing to launch the ‘slimmest’ console in the history of consoles. Still, it’s better to consider it a meek Photoshop attempt until Sony puts out an official word.