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The Order 1886 Devs Launch Website with Story Hints, Puzzles

As we draw closer to the release date of The Order 1886, Ready at Dawn has started releasing videos to showcase specific elements of game. For instance, they first shared a video boasting that the game has gone gold; and then the story trailer was released to tease about the plot and characters.

The last time we talked about it was in relation to another trailer showing off how Galahad is controlled.

While the videos were a good step up from the ramblings that they had been sharing previously, the developers are getting even more creative now.

A new website has sprung up, it is called “The Order Exposed,” and appears to show hints and links to the inside story of The Order 1886.

Obviously launched by the developers, this website has been dressed up like a blog (journal in this case) maintained by a researcher who has gone missing. Naturally, he was investigating into the alternate history secrets of London.

According to the website, the researcher’s name is Ian who has, after starting writing this blog, gone missing and instead his friend Jim has started posting on his behalf.

Here’s what Ian says about the website:

I started this blog to share what I’ve discovered: some of the secrets behind the Order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights. A group shrouded in mystery and legend, whose efforts may have implications that reach into the present. This is too big for just one person – please help me expose the truth.

There are all sorts of puzzles on the website; for instance, you get journal entries from Ian’s father which are written in code and nee to be deciphered and there are videos hinting at things.

Check it out yourself; who knows, maybe you will find something new about The Order 1886.