Nintendo is #1 Publisher in France for 2014

Although the center of discussions in 2014 have been Ubisoft and EA, but it is Nintendo which has managed to beat both of them in the country of France in publishing department.

This information comes from deputy director general of Nintendo France, Philippe Lavoué, who revealed that over 4.5 million Nintendo games were sold in the country. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was the country’s number one title with more than 476K copies sold.

Out of the twenty bestselling games in the country, eight of them were from Nintendo, which is quite an achievement for the company.

Another game that made waves in France, is Tomodachi Life which is said to have sold more than 450,000 copies by now.

Furthermore, he revealed that Super Smash Bros 3DS sold 279,000 copies, Mario Kart 8 sold 346,000 copies while amiibo figurines managed to sell over 200K units.

20,000 of these figurines were sold during just last week, and you can expect this number to rise even more in the coming year, as more games get compatible with the figurines.

Wii U didn’t manage to beat PlayStation 4, but it did manage to outsell Xbox One in France. In the year 2014, more than 240,000 units of the Wii U got sold.

Nintendo, despite facing some serious competition seems to have an edge in a lot of regions, and I am sure that the company will come up with new stuff to keep its fans entertained during the upcoming years.

Source: Lefigaro