Next WWE 2K Title Might Come to PC

WWE 2K 15 was rumored to be in development for PC a number of times, but never actually made its way to the platform. However, the future might be different for the series, as 2K’s brand director Bryce Yang has hinted that the team is always looking to release their games on all available platforms.

In an interview, Yang stated that the company is always looking at the future possibilities for its games, and want to bring them to as many platforms as possible.

We’re always looking toward the future. Ideally, we’d put out the game on as many different systems for as many different people as we could. It’s just sometimes we’re working against deadlines and everything, so we can never put it out on as many platforms as we’d like to. But we definitely evaluate those opportunities.

He continued on to give the example of NBA, which made the transition to PC and mobile phones as well.

You look at other franchises like NBA here at 2K; that game did make the transition to PC and other consoles as well, so it’s definitely something that we are always, constantly looking at.

Although PC release of WWE 2K 15 is largely off the cards now, but after this interview, I hope that the next entry in the series will land on PC, so that more players can join in on the action.

Further in the interview, Yang was joined by Visual Concepts developers, who discussed why they were unable to bring fan-favorite matches and team modes in WWE 2K15. You can listen to the whole interview right here, if you have the subscription.

Via: Power Up Gaming