Minecraft Leak Wasn’t Due To Lack Of Security, Microsoft Notes

On Wednesday, Microsoft confirmed to CNET that the leak of more than 1,800 emails and passwords of Minecraft users wasn’t a result of lack of security.

Earlier this week, a new report claimed hacking of more than 1,800 Minecraft accounts which were thrown online for anyone to access. In response, Microsoft issued a statement denying the service being compromised – it has, however, reset password of affected addresses:

We can confirm that no Mojang.net service was compromised and that normal industry procedures for dealing with situations like this were put in place to reset passwords for the small number of affected accounts. When we discover lists of Gamertags, usernames and passwords posted online, we take immediate action to protect our customers by reviewing for valid credentials and resetting account access when necessary.

The Microsoft spokesperson further stated that the company believes the leaked email addresses and passwords were a result of some sort of phishing or malware attacks – which indeed makes sense seeing that only 1,800 accounts’ information was leaked.

Microsoft acquired Mojang (and Minecraft) back in September for $2.5 billion which took the whole gaming industry by surprise, but clearly indicated the ever-growing popularity of the game.

Both Microsoft and Sony have been a target for hackers since the Christmas Day last year when an overwhelming DDoS attack shut down both these online network for days.