First Gameplay Footage of Pokken Tournament Features Pikachu, Gardevoir, and Suicune

Pokken Tournament, the Pokemon-featuring arcade brawler, has received its first gameplay footage through a live stream held by Famitsu earlier in the day.

The video runs for just over a minute but gives us a look into the gameplay, as well as confirming the inclusion of three new playable characters.

Namco Bandai had previously confirmed Lucario and Machamp during the game’s announcement last year. The trailer confirms that Pikachu, Gardevoir, and Suicune will also be added to the playable roster.

Additionally, the company has also announced the game’s first location test schedule, which will be held at both Namco Lazona Kawasaki and Namco Umeda:

  • January 30 between 19:00 and 23:30
  • January 31 between 10:00 and 23:30
  • February 1 between 10:00 and 23:30

Pokken Tournament is slated for release in Japanese arcades sometime this year and it is very rare for a Japanese arcade game to be released in the West. However, Katsuhiro Harada has teased on Twitter that an International release could be possible.

The Tekken director though is known for trolling the web and so anything he says should be taken with a pinch of salt.