Dying Light Video Shows Four Player Coop Played by Devs

Gameplay videos for the upcoming titles are always a treat for the eyes – especially if it is a game you have been wanting to play. However, it goes to whole new level if the makers team up for a coop play against the baddies in the game.

That’s exactly what Techland, the developers of Dying Light are doing in this new video. As you can see above, it shows the four prominent team members teaming up for cooperative play.

The video features Dying Light producer Tymon Smektała, game designer Maciej Binkowski, assistant producer Marcel Mitraszewski and brand manager Paweł Modliński.

While it would be easier for them to take on something they have made themselves, it doesn’t mean it would be less fun. These guys go on zombie chases, supply runs and more.

You will also see them using gas tanks and fire crackers as distraction for the zombies so that they can loot supplies out of a police vehicle – pretty creative.

Another interesting feature shown in the video was a zombie that drops loot items that you would really appreciate.

Dying Light unleashes the zombie apocalypse on in North America on January 27, in Australia on January 28 and finally in European Union and Japan on January 30. Polish up your Xbox Ones, PS4s and PCs.