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Destiny’s Doubles Skirmish PVP Mode Focuses On Teamplay & Communication

On Wednesday, as a part of Bungie Weekly Update, the studio announced a 2 vs. 2 team deathmatch mode for Destiny, being called as Doubles Skirmish.

Doubles Skirmish is essentially a modified 3 vs. 3 Skirmish Mode which heavily relies on teamwork and coordination with less weapons and abilities. Since it’s hard to earn Super with only four players on the field, players must communicate with one another to score kills.

Bungie has also announced that throughout the entirety of a match, there will only be one Heavy Ammo Drop. Some other details regarding the Doubles Skirmish can be found below:

Destiny Double Skirmish

Do note that although the image shows the game mode as a Playstation Plus exclusive, it’s not the case – both Xbox Live and PSN players will get it. However, since Playstation Plus members get exclusive content, a few things might not be available to Xbox Live players.

And oh! A quick reminder: Agent of the Nine is here for the weekend with some amazing gear. Have a look at the complete list here! Also if you’re trying to beat Crota’s End Raid, check out this list of items to see what this raid will net you.

Does this new Destiny game mode sounds good enough? Let us know in the comments below!