Destiny: Xur Sold 1.1 million Ice Breaker Rifles Last Week!

We told you yesterday that the hard mode of Destiny’s second raid, Crota’s End had been beaten by a team in less than 30 minutes – imagine how active the community of Destiny is.

Now let me share something that is going to amaze you even more.

You know how Xur Agent of the Nine visits the game every week with numerous exotic items for sale? Sometimes he brings rare items but on other occasions the items are not something you cannot easily find elsewhere.

Last week he came with the Ice Breaker. As much as we love the hard earned Strange Coins, this was something that the players just needed in their collection.

Any guesses how many Ice Breakers were bought in that two days’ time? Around 1.1 million! Obviously, the Guardians know it when there is something special up for grabs.

He brought with him a prize that many Guardians had coveted. You know it as Ice Breaker. Our mysterious merchant left with a strange haul of 19,436,440 coins – all earned in battle. That’s the gameplay equivalent of 2,159,604 Weekly Heroic Strikes on the highest level of difficulty. Not bad for two days’ work.

According to the Bungie Weekly Update, there are some “1,143,320 brand new sharpshooters” in town.

Bungie also revealed that in the first day of the launch of Crota’s End hard mode you guys have made a total of 557,354 attempts at beating it. That would mean more than 3.3 million Guardians coming to play!

Oh and if you were wondering how fast you will have to be if you wish to enter the top 5 quickest Crota’s End hard mode raids, here are the top five timings:

  • #1 in 27 minutes
  • #2 in 39 minutes
  • #3 in 38 minutes
  • #4 in 41 minutes
  • #5 in 46 minutes

Did you buy the Ice Breaker from Xur Agent of the Nine? Are you using it while playing Destiny?