DayZ Standalone Surpasses 3 Million Copies Sold

Open-world survival PC game DayZ has now surpassed three million copies sold, Bohemia Interactive has announced.

The in-development standalone title was pushed through to Steam Early Access in December 2013 and managed to sell one million copies in the first four weeks. By May 2014, DayZ had reached two million in sales.

In a prepared statement, the new project lead David Durcak (original creator Dean Hall left last year to form his own studio) thanked the continuous support of fans and promised even more features and design improvements to be added to the game in the days to come.

“We would like to say thank you to every single one of the three million players that have joined us on the journey of making DayZ,” he said. “You all have helped make DayZ the best open world, zombie survival game. This is an amazing achievement, and we are really looking forward to start sharing with you all of our game design improvements, anti-hack solutions and other optimizations we have been working on for a majority of the last year.”

This year the developer plans to roll out a new UI for the game, as well as dynamic events, animal companions, a new physics system and diseases. DayZ is expected to finally push a beta release later this year. A console version is also in development and the overall team has been boosted to eighty.

via VideoGamer