World of Speed Trailer Shows off Locations, Environment

Did you watch he exhilarating World of Speed trailer that Slightly Mad Studios had shared with us a couple of months ago? Don’t worry if you haven’t, we have a fresh trailer for you!

While the video is pretty long (around 20 minutes) it doesn’t focus much on the rides that you are going to get. Instead, it shows off the tons of locations that are going to be featured in the game.

We know that you will be racing in UK, USA, Russia, France, Monaco, Australia, Belgium, and Germany but now we also know what they will look like in the game.

In case you missed out on our previous reports on World of Speed, this game is a massively multiplayer online action racer that has no rules and destructible environments. Your battles are going to be two on two and four on four races. The better you perform, the more rewards you will get in each event.

The official website of publisher has a beta sign up page for those of you who think that this MMOAR deserves the time. Sign up while you can!

World of Speed is being developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows and so far the developers have not unveiled their release plans.