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World of Warcraft Player Levels Up 100 Characters in Under Four Years

A World of Warcraft player has achieved a mighty feat of leveling up 100 characters on two accounts in under four years.

In a lengthy post on the official game forums, “Watola” explained how he was able to achieve this without using any kind of bots or exploits. His explanation was enough to impress Blizzard as well, as was everyone who have always found leveling up ‘one’ character as a tedious job.

This “project” began near the end of the Mists of Pandaria expansion and at that time Watola already had around 20 characters leveled up to the maximum level. Going into Warlords of Draenor blind, it took some time for him to pin down the exact routines he’d have to follow to achieve maximum outage in less time. Once that was done, he found it to be a rather smooth workout.

“I was pretty much going into Warlords blind, with no real strategy on what the best way to level was. I quickly found the “breakpoints” for garrisons, level 90 and a half to get your garrison, level 92 for the mine and profession buildings, level 96 for the herb garden, and level 100 for level 3 garrison, so this was basically my leveling breakpoints, with an added one at 98 for rested exp building.”

His focus was on questing and gathering treasures. He praised the leveling mechanics of the new expansion and said that it’s “almost perfect.” The ability to choose what quest lines to take based on experience and nearby treasures is something that helped his project immensely.

Here’s a breakdown of how much time he spent on each zone to reach level 100 on all of his characters:

  • Frostfire Ridge – 1 hour and 6 minutes
  • Shadowmoon Valley – 44 minutes
  • Gorgrond – 42 minutes
  • Talador – 40 minutes
  • Spires of Arak – 39 minutes
  • Nagrand – 30 minutes

I personally find that breakdown a bit strange. Nagrand for one has quests scattered all over the place. Not to mention I’m not really a fan of its level design. The multiple cliffs and winding mountain paths can leave a man dizzy. He however was able to achieve the final levels there in just thirty minutes. I figure he spent less time there for this very reason because Nagrand is not a welcoming place.