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Tekken X Street Fighter is Still in Development, Being Worked on by 40 People

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada, recently revealed in an interview that Tekken X Street Fighter is still being developed and there are currently 40 people working on the game.

Harada said that “it’s very difficult to talk about and they planned to release the game much earlier than they are “currently looking at.”

He further explained that their game was delayed not because of any development issues or hurdles, but due to the market being saturated by other games of the same genre.

Tekken X Street Fighter remains in development but the company’s main focus right now is Tekken 7. “Tekken 7 will be our big thing for the next while.” Said Harada

During the same interview, Harada was asked if players can expect to see the game come out in the next couple of years, but Harada avoided to commit to this.

“People have been talking about the game for such a long time that they aren’t going to be surprised if you just release it normally.” He explained

Harada and his team wants to surprise fans when it comes to the release of Tekken X Street Fighter. He mentioned Tekken Revolution, which was released on PS3 only after a week of its announcement.

“I don’t know if that’s what we have planned, but we do plan to have some kind of surprise,”

Looks like fans will have to be patient and wait for news regarding the game’s release. Are you looking forward to Tekken X Street Fighter?