Yoshinori Ono Wants To Improve Capcom Fighting Games’s NetCode

For almost seven years, Capcom stretched Street Fighter 4 via expansions before finally announcing Street Fighter V last year in December.

The game is in an early stage of development and Yoshinori Ono is once again an integral part of the development team. Speaking in a recent interview, Ono said that he wants to bring more young gamers to the franchise through Street Fighter V and aims to boost the tournament scene for the game.

Moreover, he shared his desire to improve the netcode of their fighting games. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

We were able, with Street Fighter X Tekken, to develop new netcode that was a generational leap above what we’d done previously but were unable to work that code into Ultra [Street Fighter 4] since the underlying tech is so different,” says Ono. “I’d certainly like to continue breaking new ground in this arena.

Capcom had announced that Street Fighter V is going to be exclusive to PS4 and PC at PlayStation Experience last month. Players on both platforms will be able to play against each other via online matches. This feature will bring the Street Fighter community together which is exactly what Ono wants to achieve.

PS4 and PC community will surely be happy to play together, but what about Xbox One? Unfortunately, the game has not been announced for Xbox One so far.

Street Fighter fans on Xbox are definitely disappointed, but Phil Spencer plans to make it up to them.