Star Citizen Expected To Reach $100 Million BY 2016, Release Plans Shared

During the BAFTA Masterclass presentation couple of nights ago, game developer/movie producer Chris Roberts shared some much awaited details about module releases, and also said that Star Citizen is expected to gather $100 million in crowdfunding by the time it’s close to a public release.

It’s built into the DNA of Cloud Imperium, who’s the company that’s making Star Citizen. It’s the community focus. And we get headlines because we’re the largest crowdfunded anything in the world. We’re now close to $70 million, and it’s likely the carry-on will probably be over $100 by the time the game is close to public release.

That’s impressive but not the most interesting news for gamers. What gamers will be interested in knowing is the release schedule of upcoming content.

The aim of Star Citizen is to create four game systems into one, and those four systems are going to be released as different modules.

The first person shooter will be released in spring 2015, along with “Plantside/Social Beta.” In Summer 2015, Arena Commander 2.0 Multi-crew Ships will make their way to you.

Later on, in Fall 2015, the first episode of Squadron 42 is going to be released and towards the end of 2015 Persistent Universe will be available to alpha backers.

Finally, Star Citizen will see a full commercial release, sometime in 2016. You can get all the other details by visiting the link here.

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