Scalebound is Hideki Kamiya’s Dream Realized, Publishers Discussed as Well

Most of the awesome games are realization of someone’s vision but making a dream game is a different level of awesome. It appears, that is exactly what Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya is doing with Scalebound.

I say so because owing to his love for dragons, Kamiya believes that “Scalebound is the title in which [he] can finally realize [his] dream.”

He has been taken with Godzilla and Ultraman and was even jealous of Shu Takumi when he was directing Dino Crisis -so much so that he was ready to swap Resident Evil 2 for it. So yeah, Kamiya is really putting his heart into this one.

Anyone would love to show off what the game is going to feature and so he added some bits about the nature of the game saying that it is a “standard fantasy title.” By that he meant things like magic, monsters and swords. Then he also discussed the variations in scenarios that Scalebound is bringing for us:

You can choose from 15 different scenarios in all, and if you buy the separately sold scenario set, you can play even more new adventures. This game was really full of expansive possibilities.

Next up, he praised the way western publishers do their jobs in comparison to the Japanese ones. In his opinion, the people in Japan would be fine with something “as long as it works out in the end” where as people in the west are more focused.

Microsoft is the first overseas publisher I’ve worked with, but is seems like the overseas style is, for better or worse, ‘next-generation game development.’ It is focused not just on the final result, but also on the process you take to get there. For someone as irresponsible as I am, it’s hard to get my head around sometimes.

Kamiya did refer to the work environment in Japan as the “good-ol’-days game development,” which one do you think the industry needs?