Phil Spencer Teases Battletoads At Microsoft’s Windows 10 event

Xbox boss Phil Spencer is often seen wearing various t-shirts at events, many times these t-shirts feature logos of upcoming or previously released titles.

During Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, Phil Spencer was seen on stage wearing a Battletoads t-shirt. However, Spencer never talked about anything related to Battletoads during his time on stage. This led to a lot of speculation whether we are going to see the return of this classic game on Xbox One or not.

After the event, Spencer was asked if wearing this t-shirt means something and if we are going to hear something about it soon? Of course he didn’t drop news bombs but Spencer had this to say in return:

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a t-shirt that’s been a complete head-fake. I wouldn’t do that.

That’s not exactly a confirmation that Microsoft is working on a new Battletoads game, but the timing of this tease is certainly interesting. The reason I say that is because recently Microsoft also filed a trademark application for the game in question.

The application was spotted by an eagle-eyed NeoGaf user; it was filed at the United States Patent & Trademark Office last year on November 5th.

Battletoads was created by Rare and we all know Microsoft bought Rare back in 2002. Since then, this beloved series has been on ice. However, it seems that we are close to an announcement.

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