New The Order 1886 Video Shows How to Control Galahad

We don’t often see developers releasing videos just explaining the controls. It’s not something which takes more than a few seconds to figure out, but still Ready At Dawn felt the need to tell us how to control Galahad.

We start with the basics, players will use the left stick on their DS4 controller to move, while the right stick is used to control the camera. If you wish to sprint, L3 will help you out.

The Order 1886 is a cover-based shooter so obviously, we’ll need to take cover. For this purposes, circle is used to take cover behind a variety of objects such as tables, crates, barrels etc.

You can switch cover by pressing circle while moving the left stick to either right or left, depending on the direction you wish to go. You can exit cover by pressing X or moving backwards.

Going over covers is made easy by Ready At Dawn, and you can easily hop over by pressing X and moving forward the left stick. Sometimes you might need to get a better idea of your enemy’s position and for this, you can peek over from a cover position by using the left stick.

Now comes everyone’s favorite part, shooting! Similar to other Sony games, R2 will perform the duties of a trigger while L2 is used to aim.

The D pad on the other hand will be used to switch between different type of weapons, such as a sniper rifle, pistol, or a knife.

The rest of the controls are explained in the video above. The Order 1886 is heading to PlayStation 4 next month.