Microsoft Will Not Force Developers on Cross-Platform Play, Phil Spencer

Earlier today, Xbox head, Phil Spencer announced that Xbox One will support cross-platform play with the PC by the end of this year.

As good as this announcement was, it still raised some eyebrows, as people got skeptical that Microsoft might force the developers to include cross-platform play in their games, but that is not that case.

In an interview, Phil Spencer clarified this ambiguity by saying:

I think [cross-platform play is] an enabling technology to make games great. If somebody decides that cross-platform play isn’t something that’s going to make their game great, there’s no way I’d ever create a [publishing requirement] that says you must do this.

The cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC would certainly give advantage to the PC players, especially when playing the shooters, as they have got mouse/keyboard to play with. This question was also raised in the interview.

Spencer stated that to address this problem, developers could integrate certain playlists in their games that would restrict players to use only the controller or not, it is totally up to them.

He continued on to say that there are different types of gamers out there, and Microsoft is just looking to satisfy all of them.

In the end, some people are hardcore about the competition, and some people just want to have fun playing. I want to make sure we’re enabling both.

The hugely anticipated title, Fable Legends will be amongst the first games to support the cross-platform play between Xbox One and PC. The focus of the game will be on cooperative play, so there won’t be any issue if someone’s playing with the controller or mouse/keyboard.

Which games would you like to see get the cross-platform play feature? Let us know in your comments!