Microsoft Confirms Xbox App for Windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the Xbox app that will be a major part of the company’s new Windows 10 system.

During the Windows 10 event earlier in the day, head of Xbox division Phil Spencer explained how the Xbox app will act as a bridge between the consoles and PC.

Windows 10 users will be able to freely communicate with those on Xbox Live through voice and text messages/chat. The app will also allow Windows 10 users to access achievements, video clips, friends list and activity feeds.

Additionally, players can capture gameplay clips on Windows 10 using the Xbox app by bringing up the interface using ‘Windows Key + G’ command. They can then proceed to edit the 30-second clips and upload them on to the Xbox Live, One Drive, or share them on any social network.

On the question of compatibility with Valve’s Steam service, Spencer said that “Steam runs incredibly well on Windows 10.” Users shouldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary once they are done upgrading to the new operating system later this year.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Microsoft announced that it would be bringing universal Windows apps to the Xbox One with Windows 10. The company expects this move to open up additional possibilities for developers of both games and apps. The decision also goes well with their vision of Windows 10, which is to basically have a single universal app for every thing and which can run on a wide variety of devices.

Windows 10 launches later this year.