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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Will Feature Hundreds of NPCs in Each Major Battle

Warhorse Studios has revealed more information about the combat scenarios in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Speaking with OnlySP recently, the studio’s Jiří Rýdl said that the battles are what will set the game apart from other medieval RPGs. The ‘major’ battles in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can feature hundreds of NPCs on the same battlefield, which can be overwhelming for the player.

However, there will be no ‘easy’ way to simply take control of the battlefield and wipe out the enemy forces during the process. “I have to warn you that the battles are more or less taking place “around” you,” explained Rýdl. “You are just one guy, not a leader, you do not move armies, just your legs, and the best thing you can do when the battle begins is to hide somewhere. If you need to fight, choose weaker opponents. If you see someone on the horse, just run.”

Aside from fights on fields, the game will also feature major castle sieges. Warhorse is taking an authentic approach to make the sieges extremely difficult.

Each siege will involve the use of “catapults, boiling oil, moats and archers.” You’ll not be entering these castles that easily. Your mode of victory lines in finding “the best armor and stick to the heavy armored troopers.”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance looks to be shaping up nicely. The game is still running its crowdfunding campaign through its official website. If you’re liking the concept of hardened castle sieges and mayhem on battlefields, head there and become a backer.