HoloLens is Microsoft’s Solution to Augmented Reality, Details Inside

We have been hearing rumors about Microsoft’s Augmented Reality HMD. Nothing was confirmed by the company, but when a patent document was seen online back in 2013, many assumed we are close to an announcement.

It took two years, but Microsoft has confirmed that they are working on an Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display. The device looks identical to the one we saw in the patent documents and aims to compete with the likes to Sony’s VR Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift.

The device in question is Microsoft HoloLens, it is an effective and engaging AR system which brings holographic objects to your living room. The best part is, it supports Xbox One in addition to Windows 10 and can be used in a number of ways, the possibilities are endless.

Microsoft HoloLens

For example, Minecraft castles can be displayed right in front of you by using holographic projection. Same is the case with Skype windows or even the surface of Mars can be projected and merged with your reality. In short, HoloLens will integrate the virtual world with the real one.

“We’re not talking about putting you into virtual worlds. Virtual reality might not be for everyone, we’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds.” Said Alex Kirman from Microsoft.

Microsoft HoloLens 1

It seems something out of a science fiction film, doesn’t it? But it’s all possible with Microsoft HoloLens. Although, I do feel they could have come-up with a better name but still, what’s in the name?

In one of the images, you can see a person wearing the AR glasses and in the background, you can see the Xbox One running. Kinect camera is also visible, which indicates that Kinect will be required to use this device.

HoloLens looks amazing, and I am tempted to get it, but One of the main hurdles standing between such devices and success, is the pricing. The only question is, can an average consumer afford this? Microsoft is yet to reveal a price point for HoloLens, but as soon as they do, we’ll update the article accordingly.

As for the release, Microsoft expects to release HoloLens in the same time frame as their awaited Windows 10.