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Final Fantasy XV Cover System Discussed by Hajime Tabata

We shared some information with you regarding the battle system of Final Fantasy XV a couple of days ago. Now we are back with some more.

Hajime Tabata was interviewed recently where some of their plans were discussed and some new features revealed.

Tabata was questioned about the comparison between Final Fantasy XV (a more action oriented title) with other installments like Final Fantasy Type-0 and The 3rd Birthday.

In his response he said that while there were key differences due to those game being made primarily for PSP and the fact that FFXV is being developed for PS4 and Xbox One.

However, he shared something that has been borrowed from those games. It is something similar to the Overdrive feature of The 3rd Birthday where you can swap places with other characters quickly.

Moving on he revealed a feature called the Cover System. This feature, as the name suggests, allows the character to take cover in certain places so that they can recover.

I can’t go into too many details right now, but in terms of drawing from first person and third person shooting mechanics there is this covering system. It’s not like you’re covering yourself from a shower bullets, but there are some natural environments where you can recover your HP and then go back into battle. There are some other weapon related aspects that I will be able to reveal later on.

He says that it is going to work similar to defending yourself.

Also, the demo is not going to have any female characters directly related to the story line. However Cidney is going to be there with you through the adventures.

Are you excited about Final Fantasy XV and the way the battle system is shaping up?