Fable Legends Trailer Shows New Gameplay And Features

Fable Legends was the center of attention for Xbox One fans at the Microsoft Windows 10 event that took place earlier today, as we found out that the game will feature cross-play between PC and Xbox One.

To shed more light on the cross-play feature and to discuss the whole development process, Lionhead Studios has released a new video which you can see above.

It showcases some new gameplay as developers discuss how this game will change the Fable franchise altogether.

Coming to the game’s visuals, the developers stated that Fable Legends will be one of the most beautiful games that you will see coming to Xbox One and PC.

Furthermore, all four character classes are showcased in the video as developers share some new information about them, revealing a few of their skills and abilities.

Then the team moves on to talk about the 4v1 gameplay, which as you would expect will allow four players to team-up against the army that will be brought to life by the fifth player.

Giving all the control to one villain will open up all sorts of possibilities, and your experience in each match will be completely different from the previous one.

Some new screenshots of the game have been shared as well which you can check out in the gallery below.

Lionhead Studios is taking a big leap forward with Fable Legends, and we will find out if this risk pays off once the game hits shelves sometime this year.