Evolve Director Comments On Excessive DLC Controversy

Making games in this time and age is expensive, it takes millions to develop and requires hundreds of people working around the clock. As a result, developers tend to release post-release content to make-up for the shortcomings.

However, it is a fact that some developers/publishers sort of like to weaponize DLCs and want to rip our wallets to shreds until the last penny falls.

We all are aware of the latest title Turtle Rock Studios is working i.e. Evolve. It you’re not familiar, it’s a multiplayer heavy 5v1 shooter. The concept is simple, 4 players play as hunters while the fifth takes the role of a monster.

Few months ago, co-founder Chris Ashton discussed Turtle Rocks plans for additional content and stated that Evolve was built for DLC.

This statement spread like wildfire and brought nothing but negativity in this regard, to an otherwise spectacular game.

To explain the situation, creative director Phil Robb recently spoke in an interview and said Ashton’s choice of words in the statement were unfortunate. He further added: “I don’t like people thinking we’re doing underhanded, dirty shit.”

We have the game set up in such a way that we can expand upon it if that is the desire. Our plan is one we pushed for as consumers. Never split the community, no pay to win, all that kind of bullshit that are hallmarks of DLC plans specifically made to leech money out of people.

Robb states that Turtle Rock wants to make money, but in a way that it “feels good” and doesn’t make them think they are “hoodwinked people.”

I don’t quite understand the knee-jerk negative reaction to DLC. Because I know for me, as a gamer, when I have a game I really love and I play it for a while and I want more, I want more. I’ll pay for it. I don’t mind.

Devs want Evolve to have a long life and that’s one of the reasons why it will be expanded for a longer period of time as compared to other games. However, will there be enough content in the base product to justify $60?

Another game might have crossed your mind when reading this. Destiny also aims to have a long life but if you rule-out DLC, the content included in the base game was underwhelming and insufficient.

If I am paying $60 and getting enough content in return that justifies my purchase, I won’t mind paying extra for DLC if I love the game. Won’t you?