Details of THQ’s Scrapped Avengers Game Surface

At one time THQ was working on an Avengers game that was supposedly to release alongside the movie in 2012. The game was then never heard of again and was presumed to be scrapped.

Early development details of that project have now been released through a new report by Unseen64. The lengthy post includes information on the first-person co-op beat ’em up and assets ranging from proposed in-game models to early concept art and story plot. It was supposedly in development for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with plans for a Wii U port sometime after release.

Pre-production on the Avengers game is said to have begun in August 2010. Even though it was being planned for a release alongside the movie, the game was to feature a standalone storyline that would feature the Skrulls alien race from the Marvel comics.

One source cites that the story was penned down by Brian Michael Bendis, a comic veteran who has been behind Secret War and Secret Invasion. This however, has yet to be authenticated.

According to other artists involved in the project, the game would see to a Skrull invasion. “A huge mother ship hovering above the city controlled by ‘priests’ which sat in the highest level. Veranke along with various generals and what not, headed the Skrull forces. One of the Skrull objectives was to enslave all superheroes and mimic their powers by shape shifting.”

The playable characters roster was to include the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine and Mrs. Marvel. Other non-playable characters that were being considered included Vision, Ant Man and Ultron.

The production phase went smoothly into 2011 and a majority of the game’s mission environments were already made. By mid 2011, development fell into disarray due to “massive missteps” by THQ. The decisions crippled the studio and caused higher-ups to lay-off around 200 developers. Avengers came to a halt and following the THQ auctioning, never saw the light of day again.

You can read the complete report by heading to the source below.

Source Unseen64