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Destiny Crota’s End Hard Mode Already Beaten in 27 Minutes!

We reported couple of days ago on a hard mode of Destiny’s second raid, Crota’s End. This was followed by a hotfix released by Bungie yesterday that was put in place to prepare the game for the hard mode.

There after, the Crota’s End hard mode was launched as tons of Guardians stood armored to test their skills at it. What no one expected was that even the new version of the raid will be beaten so quickly.

In fact, a team of five had pulled off the feat merely two hours after the new version of the raid went live!

That is not all, the best part is that it took them less than 30 minutes to beat it!

Bungie has made a habit of acknowledging the “world’s first” finishers for the game’s raids. So they took to their official Twitter profile shortly afterwards announcing the news alongside an image of team stats.

Bungie User Research has confirmed the World First finishers for the Hard Mode version of Crota’s End. One and Done.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like the team that made world records of beating both the raids in Destiny before. Invigorate had beaten the hard mode of the first raid as well as beaten this raid before anyone else after The Dark Below DLC had been released.

One and Done it is!

Wondering what is the special treatment you get for beating the hard mode? Well, there are special rewards like the Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle, Fang of Ir Yut Assault Rifle, Oversoul Edict Pulse Rifle, Word of Crota Hand Cannon and Necrochasm Auto Rifle.

Do you think your team can beat the hard mode of Crota’s End in less than 27 minutes?