Capcom Offers Advice For The New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Players

There’s no questioning the popularity of the Monster Hunter franchise, as it has become a household name for a lot of fans. The latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, is an awesome title but can become quite difficult for the players who are new to it.

However, most of the players just throw caution to the wind and go in blank, which obviously is not a very smart thing to do.

Capcom is very well aware of this, and to ensure that all the basics are covered beforehand, a new video has been released. It shows some pieces of advice for the new comers of the franchise, so that they can get accustomed to the gameplay and not get slaughtered straight away.

Fans who have been playing Monster Hunter series for a long time will be well-versed with the advice offered in the video. However, those of you who will dive into the franchise for the first time with the upcoming title should check it out.

The latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, will see the light of day in both Europe and North American regions on February 13, 2015.