You Can Stream Xbox One Games to Any Windows 10 Device

In its Windows 10 event earlier in the day, Microsoft revealed a new feature for its new OS that will allow Xbox One players to stream their games on to any Windows 10 PC or tablet.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, demonstrated the feature by launching Forza Horizon 2 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet, that was being streamed from an Xbox One. Spencer at first “set up a relationship” between the two devices. Once that was done, the “My Games” tab of the new Xbox app for Windows 10 showed up Forza Horizon 2.

Spencer had the game paused on the Xbox One and he was able to easily resume it on the Surface Pro 3 with an Xbox One controller. In the demonstration he also brought up the console’s interface with the menu button and showed how he can also choose to turn off the system from the Surface Pro 3.

This wasn’t the only game used in the demonstration. Lionhead Studios also showed off cross-play support between the PC and Xbox One in an earlier demo of Fable Legends. In a way this is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s remote play functionality.

According to the official Xbox website, streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 devices is limited to to Wi-Fi on a local network. Games can be streamed to one device at a time, and must specifically support the streaming feature.

“We have to put the gamer at the center of every experience,” Spencer said at the end of the presentation. He promised that Microsoft would be talking more on the streaming feature at the Game Developers Conference in March.