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Vampyr is the Next Project Of Remember Me Developer DontNod

DontNod Studio has announced its new RPG game called Vampyr. DontNod is the same studio which is behind amazing games like Remember Me and Life is Strange.

Players who played Remember Me and are looking forward to the first episode of Life is Strange will surely have their hopes up for this one.

Details about Vampyr are limited and the game is in early stages of development. However, everything we do know about the game is highly intriguing.

As the name suggests, the story revolves around a vampire who struggles to keep his thirst for blood at bay. The main character is named Stefan and the story is set after the events of the First World War Stefan is a doctor who returns home after the war and finds his homeland suffering at the hands of the Spanish flu. During the treatment of one of his patients, he gets bitten and transformed into a vampire.

When I read the name Vampyr, first thing that I noticed was “Y.” Not many of us use “y” while writing Vampire. After a quick search on Google, I came across a movie released in 1932 (after WW1) named Vampyr. Will the game take some inspiration from this critically acclaimed film? We’ll have to wait and see.

For now, DontNod hasn’t revealed any platforms or a release window for the title. Considering both Life is Strange and Remember Me is for all major platforms, same is expected from Vampyr.