Steam Stats Now Share Regional Download Figures As Well

You might have accessed the Steam Stats that Valve provides on their digital distribution service’s website some time. While it was mostly used to find out the most played games on the service, concurrent players using the service or specific game stats; now it also provides download stats.

The new feature was added to the stats page silently and now provides users with a region by region analysis of total downloads that have been made from them.

If you visit this page, you will see a world map showing different countries – the more greener a country is, the more downloads its locals have made. If you hover over any of the countries, it tells you the amount of downloads too.

In order to check specific ISPs of any country you can click on that country and look it up from the list.

That is not all, if you select “average download rate” from below the map, it will show you the average speeds for all the countries. South Korea leads this race with 49.8 Mbps followed by Japan with 33.5 Mbps and then by Netherlands at 26.9 Mbps. United States has 16.7 Mbps.

As far as the total downloads are concerned, US tops the list with 16.8PB followed by Russia at 7.6PB.

You can also see the amounts of bandwidth used by different regions in the past 48 hours. As of now, total bandwidth used is 642.6 Gbps out of which 83.8 Gbps related to US and 276.8 Gbps related to Europe.

I am sure you guys would like to check out how active your region is with the service and the Steam Stats might prove to be more useful than before.