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Rumor: Details to 1,800 Minecraft Accounts Leaked Online

A new report is claiming that more than 1,800 Minecraft accounts have been hacked and their details thrown online for anyone to access. Provided that the report is authentic, any random individual can download the game and use any of the leaked accounts to gain access for their own.

Additionally this could be problematic for users who opt for the same email address and password for other popular services as well.

The official Minecraft website is however yet to mention this breakage. There has been no word from the developer or publisher on any social network. Regardless, players shouldn’t take a gamble and proceed to change their credentials as soon as possible.

It looks pretty bleak when you consider that only 1,800 accounts were compromised for a game boasting over 100 million players worldwide. However, there’s no guarantee that the hackers didn’t get more which they will share soon or even if they plan to head back into the servers for more accounts.

You can open the following link to rummage through the list of accounts shared by the hackers.

Previous episodes like these have only proven to be attention-getting acts. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that all of these accounts are fake and the poster merely intended to create some sort of panic amongst Minecraft players.

Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft for $2.5billion in September 2014.