Quantic Dream Teases Its New Game, Could be Related to Indigo Prophecy

Quantic Dream, the developers behind three of the most story driven games – Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Indigo Prophecy, are teasing something new for its fans which could be related to the studio’s 2005 title, Indigo Prophecy.

The developers have created a new teaser website called A Chilling Feeling, and it shows some random text which is quite similar to the box art of Indigo Prophecy. For your convenience, we have posted an official box art for the game below, so that you can see how much similar they are.

Now, this could mean a lot of things, but looking at the trend that has been going around since the arrival of next-gen consoles, it could very well be a remastered version of Indigo Prophecy that will come to the new consoles.

It would not be such a bad thing though, as there are a lot of players who have never got their hands on the game, and now, they might want to try it out.

There’s also a possibility that it is a sequel to the first game, but we will find out for sure once Quantic Dream officially unveils the title next week.

What do you think developers are brewing in their studios with the new teaser website? Share your theories with us in the comments below!