Oculus Rift Integration for Dying Light Was a “No Brainer,” Says Dev

In late 2014 Techland revealed the desire for its upcoming zombie title Dying Light to include support for the Oculus Rift sometime in the future. Today, the developer has revealed that the desire for virtual reality was a “no brainer” and not something that was cooked up on a whim.

Speaking with VRFocus, Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski expressed excitement over the integration of virtual reality in the first-person open-world game.

“Everybody at the office was super excited to get it in,” he pointed at the Oculus Rift. “You know, with this extra level of freedom that we give to players, that was really like a no brainer to try and get Oculus on it. And the first moment we tried it we were like “Oh my god.” Like, you get on top of a building, you jump from it and you can feel it. Really, it’s so amazing, you feel it in your cut. That’s how visceral it gets. So how could we not do it?”

Dying Light places emphasis on melee combat, as well as free-running that allows players to traverse the environment with ease. You can imagine what it could feel like fighting in close proximity to a dozen zombies and then running through a horde to escape death – whilst wearing a VR unit.

Dying Light is scheduled for release later this week for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately for those living outside of the US, physical copies of Dying Light have seen to an unexpected delay and won’t be available for purchase. This delay is said to be “short” and until then the game will be available digitally worldwide.

Source VRFocus