Dishonored 2: Alleged Leak Suggests Emily Kaldwin as a Possible Protagonist

There hasn’t been much to talk about regarding Dishonoured 2 but fans are surely expecting to see a sequel. Nothing official has been announced, so rumors and alleged leaks are all we have at the moment.

Apparently, new information has been leaked about Dishonoured II, which is believed to be “straight from the offices of Arkane Studio.”

According to this new information, Dishonored 2 is in development at Arkane Studio just like the original game, and Raphael Colantonio is the head of the development team. In case you don’t know, Colontonio is the co-creative director at Arkane.

Developers haven’t yet finalized the main character for the game, which indicates that the title is in early stages of development.

One of the options they are looking at is Emily Kaldwin, the little girl from the first game. If she gets to be the main character of Dishonored 2, it means there’ll be at least two decades long time gap between the first and second game.

None of this information is confirmed by Arkane or Bethesda, so take it with a massive grain of salt.

If true, how to you feel about Emily Kaldwin as the main character of Dishonoured 2? Let us know of your opinion in the comments below.