Call of Duty: World At War II Announcement Coming In May?

Call of Duty: World At War came out back in 2008 and is one of the most loved entries in the franchise. Fans have been asking for a sequel and it seems like that it’s time for Activision to publish a new WAW game.

Treyarch has been quiet but rumors keep flying around the internet every so often. Once again, World at War sequel is the topic of debate, due to a new leak.

Anonymous Protection, a group claiming to be the one protecting everyone’s interests on the internet as opposed to Lizard Squad, has leaked the reveal poster via their twitter account.

According to the image, Call of Duty: World At War II will be announced on May 4, 2015 at 10PM PDT, and the reveal is going to be “presented by Xbox.” Activision is seen as the publisher, while Treyarch is responsible for the game’s development.

Anonymous Protection has also put a watermark on the poster, “so it doesn’t get copied.”

For those who don’t know, Treyarch shared a wikipedia link on Facebook for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The link was shared last month on December 7th along with a quote; “December 7, 1941…a date which will live in infamy.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Fans instantly assumed it was related to World at War II, but Treyarch kept their silence.

First a link on Facebook and then a poster getting leaked little over a month after. The timing seems to give some weight to this tweet by Anonymous Protection, but then again, they aren’t the most reliable source.

We have reached Treyarch for comment and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear something back. Till then, feel free to speculate and share your excitement in the comments below.