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Bravely Second: Edea’s First Look Shared by Famitsu Magazine

Producer Tomoya Asano recently confirmed Edea’s return in the Bravely Second, during a live stream. Now, Famitsu Magazine has given us our first look at the character.

The scan from the magazine shows Edea, who now supports the blue ribbon and is a bit older. Famitsu’s report also reveals her role as the leader of the imperial Guard Knights. Also, she is mentioned as one of the main characters of the game, however, it is unclear if she will be playable or not.

Edea is going to be around in order or “judge” the Asterisk holders, who first appeared in Bravely Default. Additionally, there is a new feature named “Barter Sub-Scenario System,” as mentioned in Famitsu’s report. It is going to be a part of the game but more details are yet to be shared related to this.

Speaking of details, fresh information on the new “Patissier job” are going to be revealed in next week’s issue of the popular magazine. Fans of Bravely Second outside of Japan will be disappointed to know, that the game isn’t yet announced for a release in their regions.

But players in Japan can expect the game to be released on Nintendo 3DS starting April 23, 2015. For more on Bravely Second, stay-tuned to SegmentNext.

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