Black Desert Tamer Class Revealed In A New Trailer

Black Desert fans knew about the eventual inclusion of Tamer class and they’ll be happy to know that the wait is finally over. The class is now available to play on Black Desert’s Korean servers. Also, the class has been renamed and will now be known as Beast Master.

As the new name suggests, this class will be able to summon beasts using certain types of magical abilities. To give you a better understanding of how this class plays, a new trailer has been shared by Pearl Abyss. You can check it out above!

In the footage, on one occasion a member of the beast class is seen taking on enemies on her on. But when the heat proved too much to handle, she summoned a beast  by creating a dark portal. Players will also be able to ride these summoned creatures, as seen in the video.

In related news, a new patch has been released for Black Desert. This patch will help translate the in-game conversations into English. The patch will translate Black Desert’s UI, Menus, Awakening Skills, Zodiac Names and Descriptions among other things.

You can know more about the patch and how to download it for yourself by following the link here.

Black Desert is only announced for PC, but developers have previously stated that they are speaking with Sony and Microsoft to bring the game to consoles. However, things have been quite regarding a console port since last year and devs are yet to give us an update on the developments on this matter.