Battlefield Hardline ‘Crosshair Mode’ Revealed

Visceral Games has revealed Crosshair Mode for Battlefield Hardline. The new mode features hardcore competitive multiplayer in ‘5 vs. 5 +1’ style matches.

What this means is that players will face each other in a standard cops vs. criminal match. Cops will be tasked to extract the VIP, while the criminals will have to kill him. Both teams will have three minutes to complete their goal.

What’s interesting is that the VIP will be a sixth player on the cops’ team and will only have a handgun to protect him. The sixth player will have to stay close to the cops and avoid being killed, though he can escape on his own. But if he dies, the whole team losses!

That’s right! The criminal team doesn’t have to kill every cop on the other team, if they manage to kill the VIP, they win!

With that said, playing as the VIP, you might feel vulnerable, but with your heavy-duty pistol, you can kill the enemy with just couple of shots.

As for the cops, they will have to wipe-out the opposing team to win. It is unclear what happens if the VIP manages to escape before the timer runs out. Will they win? Or they will still have to survive the attack from the criminals for the remaining period of time?

Players who’ll be taking the role of cops should be careful because if you die, you won’t respawn. I would love to try out this mode, but unfortunately it won’t be a part of the coming beta.

Battlefield Hardline is going to release on Mar. 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.